Quality Policy

We at Pinns believe in the principal of Quality Always. With a strong supplier base having ISO and/or TS accreditations, Pinns ensures that the parts supplied meet the quality requirements of discerning UK, European & Worldwide customer segment.

We would like to be seen by our customers as a company offering excellent products at the most competitive prices by always maintaining high quality standards.

Quality at Pinns is a never-ending process and we understand that there is a scope of improvement always and this belief makes us work harder to offer the best of the products to our customers worldwide.

There has been continuous innovation globally in manufacturing process - from conventional lathe machines to CNC, VMC, HMC, SPM etc. as we see them today.

We have kept ourselves in pace with this continuous innovation, and our products are being manufactured on such latest machines with digital control.

Right from raw material procurement, forging, casting, semi machining, final machining, heat treatment, grinding etc. - our products are monitored and controlled during all the stages.

If the Buyer requires testing or inspection of the Goods before delivery, the Seller reserves the right to stipulate the location at which such testing or inspection shall take place, and all expenses of such testing or inspection shall be paid by the Buyer. The Buyer must supply an adequate supply of suitable materials for inspection and testing purposes. If, after seven day’s notice that the Seller is prepared to proceed with the tests, there is any delay on the part of the Buyer or its representatives in supplying the materials or in attending such tests, payment shall be deemed to be due as if the tests have been completed and shipment of Goods has been made